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These booths are made for branding

and that’s just
what we’ll do!

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All-in-1 exhibition booth

Completely in your branding

Operable by one person

Plug & play


Modular layout

Including lighting, refrigerator, electricity, water drainage

Storage of own promo material

Durable & robust

In- & Outdoor use

Rental or purchase formula

Reusable for frequent exhibitors

Completely customizable

Reusable stickers

Counter (+sticker)

5m led-screen

Water drainage

Lightning included

Modular layout


6m wide (closed sidedoors)

8.5m wide (1 sidedoor open including floorpanel)

11m wide (everything open)

standard depth 3m

expandable depth 3.5m with wheelchair accessible ramp or perfectly level

and installation

Indoor & outdoor

National & international

Transport arranged by us, anywhere in Europe

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